Virtual Organising Works!

Giving people in remote areas more options to get organised.

Virtual Organising Service

It can feel isolating to be unable to get the help you want. Our aim with the virtual organising service is to support you with all the tools you need to create the space and life you want.

Here’s how Virtual Organising works:

  1. After an initial chat I’ll send you some questions and instructions to get things started.
  2. The first session will look at how to make the largest impact on your disorganistion in the quickest time. You’ll leave with clear instructions and a plan emailed to you to suit your needs and time frame.
  3. During the implementation stage you have unlimited support via email or text from me to ensure you have all the tools you need to succeed. We’ll even provide your planning and time management tools as part of the program.
  4. The second session is to evaluate any challenges and to plan the second stage of your organising project. Again you’ll have a plan to complete before our third session.
  5. The third and fourth sessions are designed to keep you on track and to take away any further tools and techniques to complete your project.

Not sure virtual organsing is right for you? We’re happy to chat over your needs and if we can’t help we’ll recommend an AAPO member in your area.

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