About Outside the Box Organisation Solutions

Our Mission is to be a leader of change in the world through helping people to live with less so they can experience more.

Hi, I’m Carolyn Verhoef Organising Coach and Professional Organiser. What I love about helping people get organised is the freedom and clarity this brings. What I realised early on is that helping people get organised is more than creating beautiful spaces and putting things away in boxes.

The only way to create organisation and calm in our lives permanently is to look at what occurs Outside the Box. These are the things that are your habits, systems, your unique logic and sometimes your emotional attachment to things. This is the core of being a good organising coach.

I take my role as Organising Coach and Professional Organiser seriously.

That’s why I am a member of the Institute of Professional Organisers (IOPO). I love that I can contribute to the wider organising industry by holding an Advisory Board member position for Professional Development at the IOPO. My role is to provide members with a career pathway and develop their skills as business owners and organisers.

I’m a member of the Institute for Chronic Disorganization who are leaders in providing resources to educate on Chronic Disorganization. For me being a member is part of our commitment to continuous improvement and standards of excellence in the field of Professional Organising. I’m currently specialising in areas of study for ADD/ADHD and Time Management and Productivity for the chronically disorganised client.

In being an Accredited Mental Health First Aider my focus is support, information, listening and communication with positive encouragement. One in two Australians will suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime, there is no room for stigma and judgement.

Sharing the message far and wide of how to live with less and experience more is my passion.

I’ve had the exciting opportunities to appear on 9 News Perth6PR with Simon Beaumont, RTRFM Small Business Show with Jane Hebiton and more.

Awarded the Nifnex Top 100 Influential Small Business Perth Award in 2016. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships with the community and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

In 2017 outsidetheboxsolutions.com.au was awarded the Top 100 Organising Website & Blog in the World. Sharing knowledge to help you free yourself from clutter and organise your life is just one part of delivering our mission to create change in the world.

We have full police clearance certificate. We are fully insured so you can be assured of our commitment and integrity in serving you.

About Carolyn Verhoef – Organising Coach

I invite you to read on and don’t be afraid to do a bit of stalking on the web about me and our business. Engaging with the right Professional Organiser and Organising Coach is essential for your best results, and that’s my main aim….achieving the change and results YOU want.

From Chef to Organiser How Did That Happen?

My most valued skills for organising spaces have come from being a Chef. Organising a busy prestigious restaurant kitchen definitely gave me a high level of skill for being a Professional Organiser. After this, I took on restaurant management leading teams of staff which made a wonderful groundwork for my life as an Organising Coach. This increased my efficiency skills and managing time under extreme pressure.

Coaching and leadership was the natural progression of my careers. These skills were further developed as a retail business manager for several high-end boutiques. Along with learning the skills of visual merchandising and how to create beautiful spaces. The experiences I gained in business management was highly rewarding and successful.

What You Can Expect as a Client

The variety and depth of my lived experience are the aspects clients frequently mention. They see it as a huge benefit to assisting them to reach the goals of living a clutter-free life and organising their time, homes and businesses. I draw on over 25 years experience in small business management. I build our sessions on sound, practical and simple solutions.

Being a creative person I use skills as a teacher, coach and trainer to communicate on all levels. Which shows when client’s comment ” I feel inspired and energised after our sessions”.

My goal as your Organising Coach is to ensure you reach your desired outcome. Guiding you to achieve a sense of well-being and sanctuary through being organised to the level you feel comfortable. It’s definitely not about being perfect or reaching someone else’s standards or expectations. It’s about YOU!

My skills and experience include:

  • Accredited Mental Health First Aid Certificate holder
  • Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers
  • Advisory Board Member for the Institute of Professional Organisers
  • Member of the Institue for Challenging Disorganization
  • Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization Level 1- April 2018
  • Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client – June 2018
  • Winner of Top 100 Organizing Blog and Website in the World 2017
  • Winner of the Influential Topp 100 Businesses in Perth 2016
  • Certified in the 5P’s to Prosperity Spiritual Life Coach program
  • Feng Shui certificate of completion in Four Pillars of Destiny, Flying Stars, Form School and Bagua Schools of Feng Shui
  • Get Organised Professional Organisers Consultant Training completed 2010
  • The J Factor Coach Training for Managers completed 2010
  • Seven years working with Australia’s top retailer of designer organisational products
  • Over ten years organising experience with clients in homes and businesses
  • 18 years experience in running a high-end boutique retail business
  • Qualified Commercial Chef
  • 6 years spent in management positions in the hospitality industry

Carolyn Verhoef Professional Member

Professional Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers. IOPO provides an intentional, supportive and inclusive network, that affords the opportunity for growth for Organising and Decluttering Professionals. As a member, I adhere to IOPO Code of Practice for Professional Organisers. Be assured of the professionalism and care of your choice of Organiser who is part of a professional body. Please take a moment to read the code HERE

Carolyn is very skilled and an amazing coach. She looks at the status of things, takes time to find out how and why you work a certain way, and comes up with strategies and solutions that are a fit with YOUR personality type…. If you’re a hard copy person (like me), Carolyn embraces that and works with it – and as a consequence, everything she helps you put in place is embraced and used versus resisted.

There is no judgement just a commitment to helping you realise results.  Carolyn helped me work though clean up (when I called her in I could hardly walk into the room, which had to quickly become a functioning office and stock room), and from the early stage we set up systems and a layout to support each aspect of work to be performed in the office. She did such a good job of this I next got her to advise me on my teaching venue layout and setup (being able to teach hands on classes to 12 people in a 4m x 4m space takes organisation!).

Regular sessions helped change my habits over time and I can say she has completely transformed the way I work and my work space is now reliably workable and clear.  Favorite tip – posting things only on Tuesdays…and having structures that stop my desk becoming covered in paper! Tanya Barreto

Business Owner, The Cheese Maker