When to Delay Difficult Decisions for a Better Outcome

I know right! Am I really telling you to delay those difficult decisions as a technique? Well yes, I am. Wait and watch can be one of the most powerful tools in your decision-making toolkit.

This method is not about procrastinating on those difficult decisions. Procrastinating is the avoidance of making any decision, that’s definitely not what you want. Avoidance will only amplify any stress and overwhelm that will have come with the difficult decision.

The trick is to wait and watch with a clear intention of evaluating the circumstances as the things unfold around this decision. Here are the steps to help you avoid procrastinating and engage the wait and watch technique.

1. Is it worthy?

First look at your decision and make sure it’s worth the wait. Look at the possible consequences. If they are significant enough then wait and watch is the technique to use. If not use one of the other methods #1 List Making #2 Ask an Outsiders Opinion or #3 Make it Real. The risk of using the wait and watch method on things that aren’t worthy is you’ll be doing a lot of unnecessary thinking about the outcome and wasting time and energy worrying.

2. Set up a reminder

To stop the avoidance and procrastination on difficult decisions this is an essential step. You’ve decided this decision is best dealt with a wait and watch attitude, things need to unfold a little more before you can jump in. To keep this decision on the front burner add a reminder to your diary, phone calendar or even set it as a task in your email system. Choose the appropriate time frame depending on the type of decision needing to be made.

The diary reminder brings your attention to this decision and ensures you check in and further evaluate the situation. Schedule another reminder from here if the time is still not right.

3. D-Day

You can’t wait and watch forever so you must have an approximate date set for D-Day, Decision Day. Without the end target to aim for you could find yourself in a worse situation than if you just made the decision previously. Missed opportunities are one thing we will always beat ourselves up over.

Get those decisions made with clarity and stop the worry. Let me know how you make difficult decisions easier.

Carolyn Verhoef Organising Coach