Jewellery Organising – A sneak peek into my wardrobe on how to organise jewellery for low and no cost.

As a part-time dancer and self-confessed shiny object collector, I have quite a bit of jewellery organising and storage dilemmas. So, after a request from a fellow dancer to share my best tips, here’s a peek inside my wardrobe. I hope these tips will help you with your own jewellery organising. 

Before Anything – Do an Audit

Before starting any organising job, you must do an audit of the items. With jewellery organising it’s an easy one – I just used the bed with a plain sheet on top to spread it all out.

Once I could see it all in one spot, I could more easily decide what I wanted to keep because let’s be honest our tastes and styles change.

I removed any broken pieces for repairs and separated the items that I wouldn’t wear any more but held sentimentally for me. During my audit, I was quite surprised to find a locket that contained a photo of my high school boyfriend. I’m not going to wear that one again! But it gave me a sweet sense of that time in my life, so it went into the memorabilia box.

Now to Organise

Step 1 – My jewellery organising starts with categorising the items into groups of how I use them. For me it was clear –

  • Workday/Business
  • Weekend/Casual
  • Evening/Special Occasion
  • Bellydance

Step 2 – Now you know how many items and what sorts of items are in each category it helps you to pick the best storage. Along with the number of items in each category consider the space you’ll be using to store them.

I’m storing mine in a small cube shelf within my wardrobe, so the dimensions are extra important plus having easy access in this tight space. I chose a clear tray method for my workday and weekend categories. I found my best storage solutions at Soko & Co they have a wide range including hanging options.

From experience, I find the hanging storage styles too fiddly and I give up putting pieces back properly so it defeats my will to stay tidy. Think about your style before going with storage solution. I also like that the trays have a lid so they don’t get dusty and they can stack to use the height of my shelf while still being easy to see.

You’ll find these tools at other storage stores like Howards Storage World if you’re not in Perth.

The best tools aren’t always the ones at the store. For my Bellydance category of jewellery, I store them in leftover perfume, tea and gift boxes. Because I’ll choose my jewellery based on colour of my outfit, not as individual pieces like the every-day category, having a larger container that has the necklace, bracelets, rings and earrings of one clour or style in one spot makes it quicker to choose and put away items. Here is just a sample of my Bellydance jewellery organising into tea and perfume boxes.

Other Ideas

For most of us, the special occasion jewellery category is worn infrequently. So for this, I tend to keep them more tucked away and in original boxes or traditional jewellery boxes. Usually, this helps to keep them from tarnishing or worst a victim of light fingers.

If you’re like me you’ll have some chunkier casual pieces that just don’t fit in a traditional jewellery box or the trays. For me a lovely breathable box like this one is great. It can also be a decorators piece doing double duty.

I’d love to see your jewellery organising ideas, so please feel free to send me your pictures and share the love of beautiful things.

Remember if you need any help with your organising inspiration I’m not far away no matter where you live.

As always with infinite peace and gratitude,

Carolyn Verhoef Organising Coach