Asking Others to Help with Difficult Decisions – A Minefield For the Unprepared!

Asking for outsiders opinions is a common fall back position for making difficult decisions easier. But why? I’d like for you to seriously ask yourself “Why do I need to get outside opinions to help with decisions?”

From personal experience as well as being the person who is so often asked: “should I keep this or toss it?” I have some pretty clear ideas of how to make this method work better for you. Without some preparation in this method, you could end up with a decision exploding in your face.

Who is the Expert?

The first step in asking for an opinion to making difficult decisions easier is to seek out the expert. Whatever the area of your life or business make certain you do your homework and find the expert. Ideally, this expert has no vested interest in your decision either way.

Know Exactly What to Ask

Once you have your expert in front of you it is vitally important that you have come prepared. You could use one of the List Maker methods to gain ultimate clarity in all aspects of this decision. Don’t gloss over any of the details be open and honest.

Listen to Your Gut Instinct

Everyone, including an expert, is going to come to conclusions based on their own experiences. When asking anyone’s opinion on anything ensure you tune into your gut. Does this sit right for YOU?

Get Three Quotes

If you were building a new kitchen would you only get one quote before signing a building contract? Probably not. So why would you only get one person to help you with an important decision? So we’re talking about the decisions that have a large cost, not the everyday decisions. Having differing opinions on what to do could open you up to new ways of thinking and new solutions.

Here’s a quick video where I talk about the pitfalls and benefits of asking others to help with decision making.


Good luck with Making Difficult Decisions Easier through asking others opinions.

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